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What is Satin Sealer?

Satin Sealer is a special order clear topcoat for:

  • materials needing a duller finish and / or
  • sealing bright primary or secondary colors that contain a lot of pigment (blues, greens, reds, etc).

Satin Sealer rubs or sprays on the same as Clear Prep+Finish but can be more finicky. It imparts a thicker film, so use only one thin coat. The flattening flake can sometimes leave a whitish haze on very dark colors, so it is important to stir the Satin Sealer and reconstitute the flattening flake. If haziness is an issue, the solution is to add the tiniest bit of color to the Satin Sealer. The dullness will not be affected and any haze will be corrected by the pigment.

Satin Sealer is an acrylic-urethane blend. Clear Prep+Finish is an acrylic only. The sizes and prices are the same for both; click here. An even flatter Dull Sealer is also available.

Satin & Dull Sealers are special order items, meaning we must email the invoice or take credit card over the phone.




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  1. Denise says

    I’m using Satin Sealer as a sealer for my project. How long do I wait after my final application of color to apply sealer?

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