Do I need Dull or Satin Sealer?

Dull Sealer and Satin Sealer are a special order clear topcoat for:

  • materials needing a very dull finish and / or
  • sealing high-chroma primary or secondary colors.

Dull and Satin Sealers are an acrylic-urethane blend, whereas our Clear Prep+Finish™ is an acrylic. All these clear finishes can be rubbed or sprayed, but the Dull and Satin Sealers can be more finicky, particularly the former, which is recommended only on lighter colors.

  • Dull and Satin Sealers impart a thicker film, so use only one thin coat.
  • The flattening flake may result in a whitish haze on dark colors (see below). The solution is to add the tiniest bit of color to the sealer before applying.

On most materials, our Clear Prep+Finish™dries shiny when used alone as a topcoat. A less shiny result can be achieved by mixing color with clear to make a glaze.

Dull and Satin Sealers are are not visible in our catalog, but here are direct links to purchase them:

Buy Satin Sealer

Buy Dull Sealer


  1. Hi there! I’m curious if a satin sealer would end up looking even if applied over a sofa that is already satin but has some matte patches (I used rubbing alcohol to get off marker, leaving some matte areas). I’d like to coat it and get it all looking even again.


    • Question is, did the alcohol indeed strip some of the original clear finish or did it just remove years of body oil and residue from conditioners? To get the best result with our products, you’ll need to clean the surface with alcohol anyway. That said, the Satin Sealer should blend nicely with areas that don’t need cleaning or treatment.

    • A sealer, whether our Clear Prep+Finish™ or Dull / Satin Sealer, is recommended bright organic colors like blues, reds, Persimmon and Eggplant.

  2. is it possible to change the color of leather with this product? I have white leather for upholstery and clothing and would like to color some of it.

  3. I purchased my “Slate” color(16oz x2) & Sealer (8oz) I have a sofa, loveseat & chair to do. I put it on small area of back of sofa to “test” before diving in it looks too dull so tried light coat of the primer – sealer it’s way too shiny. Reading about your Satin Sealer has me a bit confused it says it’s a bit more finicky to use, recommend for brighter colors (which I don’t have) & then that it can dry dull or streaky. Please help with advice before I move forward Thanks


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