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Clear Prep+Finish™ Conditioning Sealer


Picture of bottle of Rub n Restore Clear Prep+Finish conditioning sealer

Cleaner for Non-Absorbent Upholstery


Picture of bottle of Flite cleaner and sprayer used to degrease vinyl and non-absorbent leather

Leather Filler & Vinyl Repair Putty


Picture of tubs of leather repair filler putty showing creamy consistency and texture

Vinyl Repair & Leather Fix KIT


Picture of leather filler and vinyl repair putty kit which includes tools and sandpaper

Leather Cat Scratch Repair KIT


Picture of cat scratch leather repair kit containing super glue, sandpaper, and metal toothpick

Hole Subpatch KIT


Picture of flexible 3M adhesive and array of twill fabric patches

Subpatch for Holes


Picture showing various sizes of twill fabric used to subpatch holes in leather or vinyl upholstery

Vinyl & Leather Glue


Flexible glue for leather & vinyl repair.

Super Glue


Picture of 2 gram tube of super glue (cyanoacrylate) which can be used to repair minor nicks in leather

Palette Knife


Picture of palette knife with flexible metal blade for repairing leather or vinyl with filler.

Needle Tool


Picture of self-encased brass metal toothpick assembled

Plastic Spreader


Picture of smoothing and spreading card for filler repair compound



Sandpaper of various grits

Super Fine Steel Wool


Superfine steel wool

Extra Bottles


Picture of array of empty HDPE mixing bottles with twist caps

Angled Paintbrush


Picture of 1/2 inch 14 mm wide angled artist paint brush



Picture of array of cellulose sponges used to apply leather paint to upholstery