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Fix your own upholstery with Rub ‘n Restore® leather dye, repair kits and supplies engineered by leather restoration artisans. Repair, recolor, condition and restore leather and vinyl in your RV, boat, car, hot tub or spa cover, furniture, and more! You don’t need a professional; you can do it yourself! 

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Vinyl and Leather Colors that Condition Like a Dye

This outstanding line of vinyl and leather paint behaves like a dye that conditions as it colors. Restore the appearance of furniture, auto and boat interiors, and hot tub covers. The water-based formula is anti-UV and will not fade.

Repairs & Supplies

Helpful tools to aid in your vinyl and leather restoration project! All of our repair supplies and tools are sold individually or in kits. Repair your own vinyl or leather furniture, hot tub cover, RV, boat, or auto interior.

Color Matching Services

Get the right color from the start! We offer three easy ways to match your color.

Cleaner & Clear Prep+Finish

Genuine leather and synthetics like vinyl and bonded leather must be cleaned prior to repair and restoration.

A single application of Clear Prep+Finish™ lasts for more than a year. It seals, conditions, and is anti-UV.