Can I dye leather shoes, pants or a jacket?

Rub ‘n Restore® is a finish (paint), not a dye, but it is still great for restoring leather shoes, boots, jackets, coats, and pants.

Changing color is discouraged due to the stress along joint areas where the foot, knee, elbow, or shoulder move. The color will wear quickly in these areas, revealing fine lines of the original color beneath. Boots and shoes wear particularly fast because of their contact with asphalt, chemicals, dirt and water. For these, you might consider Angelus paints (as an Amazon Associate, we receive a small commission for referring this product).

Our finishes are not recommended for kidskin leather, which is very thin, soft, and a little stretchy. Don’t waste your time with faux leather, which resists all coatings and may eventually peel or flake away on its own.

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  1. i have a brand new never been worn cream colored bomber type faux leather jacket that is machine washable. I made the mistake of hanging it in my closet next to another navy faux leather jacket and the navy dye rubbed on to some parts of the collar.
    It was only in there for barely a couple weeks but I am not able to remove the stain.
    Its a light stain so i am wonderiing if i can use this product in beige to touch up the stain areas on the collar?

    • Yes, you can try. Faux leather tends to resist a lot of coatings (including its own), so you want to work minimally and use a matching color. I’d order swatches of our Marine White, Ivory, and Beige to see which one is best. You can mix colors together. I would discourage machine washing the jacket thereafter.


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