Rub ‘n Restore® is easily rubbing off, revealing the old color.

Rub-off is typically caused by wax, silicone, or oil-based conditioning products, which leave a residue that inhibits the pigment’s ability to bond.

Did you clean with alcohol? Did you do the tape test for adhesion? If you need to re-prep the surface, work with denatured or rubbing alcohol. Lacquer or paint thinner can also be used. Use a toothbrush or nail brush, particularly to clean the deeper creases and recesses of the grain. Only strip the areas that are wearing poorly; recall the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Color rubbing off leather and poor color wear can also be caused by:

  • areas that are saturated with body oil;
  • leather or vinyl that is worn or damaged;
  • interior padding or foam that has lost its plushness and/or lots of wrinkles and folds in the upholstery; this results in more movement and stress upon the leather or vinyl and therefore your new finish;
  • pieces that receive a lot of contact with chemicals, liquids or dog claws;
  • or pieces made with bonded, polyurethane, or faux leather which resist all coatings.

Touch-up is easy and par for the course with noticeable color changes. Take care to apply thin coats and prevent the color from pooling in creases or deeper recesses of the grain.

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