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What is a leather glaze?

A glaze (or wash) is a more translucent finish, in this case made by diluting any Rub ‘n Restore® Color with Clear Prep+Finish™. Use it … Read more

How to repair a steering wheel, leather or vinyl in an auto interior?

CC, the original Vinyl Lady (and mom), got her start in 1987 repairing leather in auto interiors for dealerships in Southern California. Her skill and attention to detail set her apart from her competitors, and she was sought by upholstery and fabrication shops that specialized in collectible cars and hot rods.Early on she developed the Sandpaper-Super-Glue […]

How to repair and protect hot tub covers from sun and winter?

What’s the best hot tub cover protector? Rub ‘n Restore® takes the prize! This picture from 2004 shows this anti-UV conditioning stain applied to a friend’s spa cover. Twelve years later the cover had long been water-logged. Our friend, Rebecca, found a used cover and swapped out the foam inserts. The vinyl on the used cover […]