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Vinyl & Leather Repair Kits & Supplies

Leather filler, glues, patches and tools are sold individually or in kits. Visit the How-to & FAQs to learn how to repair your own vinyl or leather furniture, hot tub cover, auto, RV, boat, or aircraft upholstery.

Leather filler repair kit with tools and sandpaper

Leather Filler & Vinyl Repair KIT

39 Reviews $23.00$33.00
Picture of tub of Soft Filler vinyl repair and leather filler compound

Leather Filler and Vinyl Repair Putty

84 Reviews $16.00$26.00
Palate knife for applying filler compound

Palette Knife

0 Reviews $3.00
Picture of smoothing and spreading card for filler repair compound

Smoothing Card

1 Reviews $1.00
Sandpaper of various grits


1 Reviews $1.00
Picture of subpatch kit for repairing holes in leather, vinyl, or fabric

Subpatch KIT

10 Reviews $10.00$16.50
Sub-patch for upholstery repair


1 Reviews $1.00$7.50
Flexible glue for leather & vinyl repair.

Vinyl & Leather Glue

1 Reviews $9.00
Super Glue for Leather Repair

Super Glue

0 Reviews $2.50

Sandpaper Super Glue Leather Repair KIT

4 Reviews $5.50
Sponge for applying colors and finishes.


2 Reviews $2.00
Empty plastic bottle with cap

Mixing Bottle

0 Reviews $1.00$2.50

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