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Will leather dyes stain clothing?

Because dyes free float in the fiber of the leather, they can migrate outward and stain clothing if not properly sealed. Rub ‘n Restore® finishes are more like a paint, not a dye, and will only stain clothing if spilled in their liquid state. Once dried, our finishes do not transfer to clothing. Wet clothing and water should be avoided until the color has thoroughly cured. Please read about cure time.

The only exception may be colors with a lot of red pigment like Cherrywood or Red Chili. If you experience this, pre-treat your clothing with detergent (a little borax is great, if you have it), and launder as usual. The color will wash out.

Dry buff the surface with a soft rag to remove any unstable pigment. If necessary, our Clear Prep+Finish™ or special order Satin Sealer can be applied.


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