Will Rub ‘n Restore® stain clothing?

Rub ‘n Restore® finishes are pigment-rich finishes (paints not dyes), which is why one can change color in just a few coats. Our finishes will only stain fabric if spilled in their liquid state. Once dry, any transference of color can be corrected. The new finish should be allowed to cure before coming into contact with water or damp fabrics. Less is always more in post-restoration cleaning and maintenance.

Occasionally transference or “crocking” of color can be observed on a dry rag or white clothing. This typically occurs with colors containing a lot of organic (i.e. synthetic not mineral) pigments (bright reds, blues, greens, yellows) for colors like Persimmon and Butterscotch. Occasionally Cognac, Cherrywood, or Rust will crock on some materials.

If you experience this, pre-treat the article with detergent (washing soda or borax are even better, if you have them), perhaps with a gentle scrub brush, and launder as usual. The color will wash out.

To prevent it from occurring again, buff the surface with a dry rag to remove any unstable pigment. This usually corrects the issue.

If crocking persists, consider a final coat of glaze (color diluted with Clear Prep+Finish™ which increases the ratio of resin to pigment) or special order Satin Sealer.

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