How long does it take Rub ‘n Restore® to dry and cure?

When Rub ‘n Restore® finishes feel dry, they are dry and ready for another coat or use.

Cure time (where it is unaffected by water) varies depending on temperature and humidity.

For example, a leather auto interior parked in the blistering summer heat will cure in a day. A boat in a humid climate may take weeks but can still be used.

Minimize water or liquids from pooling on any surface for prolonged periods of time. The worst that may occur is slight discoloration of the finish. This often ‘dries down’. If it doesn’t, simply touch-up and allow more time to cure before exposure to liquids.

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  1. Mmm, unclear. Under what circumstances then, does “dry in minutes and is ready for use” appy? That’s quite a contrast to a week.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve clarified the difference between dry time and cure time to state when the finish is unaffected by water.

  2. I used the midnight blue and after one week it is still coming off when I very lightly run a soft cloth over it. Anything else I should do?

    • Did you mix some Clear with the Midnight when applying? Try buffing the surface with a dry rag to remove any unstable pigment. It should cease to transfer. If the problem persists and you don’t want a glossier shine imparted from using Clear alone, then we can provide you with the special order Satin Sealer.


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