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How long does it take Rub ‘n Restore® to dry and cure?

Rub ‘n Restore® will be dry in minutes and is ready for use. Cure time (where it is unaffected by water) varies depending on temperature and humidity.

For example, leather in an auto interior allowed to sit in the blistering summer heat will cure in a day. A sofa indoors in Seattle may take a week or ten days.

During this time, avoid getting the surface wet. The worst that will happen is the finish may slightly discolor or spot. If so, touch-up and allow to cure before exposure to liquids.

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  1. allan greenspan says

    Mmm, unclear. Under what circumstances then, does “dry in minutes and is ready for use” appy? That’s quite a contrast to a week.

    • lesandre says

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve clarified the difference between dry time and cure time to state when the finish is unaffected by water.

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