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How much Rub ’n Restore® do I need for my project?

All colors and Clear Prep+Finish™ cover the same square footage. These estimates can vary based upon quality and condition of material:

  • 2 oz. bottle one coat on 15 – 20 square feet (or three coats on 5 – 6 square feet) = $16 color / $8 clear
  • 4 oz. bottle one coat on 30 – 40 square feet (or three coats on 10 - 13 square feet) = $30 color / $14 clear
  • 8 oz. bottle one coat on 60 – 80 square feet (or three coats on 20 - 26 square feet) = $48 color / $21 clear
  • 16 oz. bottle one coat on 120 – 160 square feet (or three coats on 40 - 53 square feet) = $70 color / $31 clear

Other factors to consider:

  • Type of material - Real leather often restores in 1-3 coats of color. Vinyl can take an extra coat or two. Don't invest in faux leather until reading this.
  • Condition - Sun-rotted vinyl and worn, absorbent leather will drink up a more product than those in better condition. Use Clear Prep+Finish™ or a glaze (mix of color and Clear) as a primer.
  • Color change - Going from red / dark to pale will require double, perhaps even triple, the volume of color and is discouraged for this reason. Please learn more about color changes.
  • Touch-up - Pieces that are in rougher condition or receive heavy use (dogs, routine disinfectant cleaning) may require touch-up, particularly with color changes. This is easy, and our finishes keep well for years.
  • Custom Colors - 8 oz. is the order minimum; 16 oz. is a better value in light of the matching fee.
Project / ObjectQty for Touching Up Similar Color (usually 1-3 coats)Qty for Color Change (varies, typically 2-8 coats)
Dining Chair2 oz.2 - 4 oz.
Club Chair2 - 4 oz.4 - 8 oz.
Recliner Chair2 - 8 oz.8 oz.
2 Seat Loveseat4 - 8 oz.8 - 16 oz.
3 Seat Sofa4 - 8 oz.16 oz.
5-7 Seat Sectional8 - 16 oz.16 oz. - 24 oz.
Sofa & Loveseat8 - 16 oz.16 oz. - 24 oz.
Sofa, Loveseat & Chair8 - 24 oz.32 oz.
Spa Cover (like new)8 oz. Clear + 8 oz. Color8 oz. Clear + 16 oz. Color
Spa Cover (weathered)16 oz. Clear + 8 oz. Color16 oz. Clear + 16 oz. Color
Auto Interior2 - 8 oz.Not recommended
Boat Interior4 oz - 16 oz.Not recommended

Regarding Clear Prep+Finish™:

  • One coat is sufficient as a topcoat and will yield a glossy finish.
  • Mix equal parts Clear and color for a semi-gloss topcoat.
  • Mix 1 part Clear with 2 or 3 parts color for a satin topcoat.
  • Forego for a matte finish.
  • Buy extra if you need it as a primer (like spa covers).

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  1. Tracy Gilcrist says

    I have a hot tub cover that is cracking from the sun. I am happy with the color and there are not any holes in the cover. Can I just put clear coat on it, or do I need to add color?

  2. Cindi says

    Hi! I have a finished leather sectional with pretty good scratches from our many furry friends ( dogs cats and even bunnies). It’s approx 200 square foot of couch- Will your product work for us? I can send pics but it’s your typical run and jump animal nail scratches- if you think it’ll work, can you tell me which products I need and how much of it I need to purchase? Many thanks!

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