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How much Rub ’n Restore® do I need for my project?

In general, 8 oz. Rub ‘n Restore® Color or Clear Prep+Finish™ will cover 60 ft2 (or three coats on 20 ft2) and 16 oz. will cover 120 ft2 (or three coats on 40 ft2). While you may need multiple coats of color to conceal stains or color change, one coat of Clear Prep+Finish™ is sufficient as a finish. Buy more if you need it to primer worn, absorbent materials.

Project / ObjectQTY for Touching up a Similar ColorQTY for a Color Change
Dining Chair2 oz.4 oz.
Club Chair4 oz.8 oz.
Recliner Chair4 - 8 oz.8 oz.
Loveseat8 oz.16 oz.
Sofa8 - 16 oz.16 - 24 oz.
Sectional16 oz.16 oz. - 24 oz.
Sofa, Loveseat & Chair24 oz.32oz.
Spa Cover (good condition)8oz. Color + 8oz. Clear16 oz. Color + 16 oz. Clear
Auto Interior8 oz.Color change not recommended
Boat Interior8 oz - 16 oz.Color change not recommended

Some factors to consider:

  • Type of material – Leather often restores or color changes in 2-4 coats. Vinyl can take more like 3-6 coats.
  • Condition – Sun-rotted vinyl and worn, absorbent leather will drink up a more product than those in better condition.
  • Color change – Going from dark or red to light will require double, perhaps even triple, the volume of color and are discouraged for this reason. Please read learn more about color changes.
  • Touch-up – Pieces that receive heavy use may require touch-up down the road, especially with color changes.

We do offer 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles in all our standard colors and clear finishes if you call with credit card.

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  1. Cindi says

    Hi! I have a finished leather sectional with pretty good scratches from our many furry friends ( dogs cats and even bunnies). It’s approx 200 square foot of couch- Will your product work for us? I can send pics but it’s your typical run and jump animal nail scratches- if you think it’ll work, can you tell me which products I need and how much of it I need to purchase? Many thanks!

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