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How much Rub ’n Restore® do I need for my project?

All Colors and Clear Prep+Finish™ cover the same square footage. These estimates can vary based upon quality and condition of material:

  • 2 oz. bottle one coat on 15 – 20 square feet (or three coats on 5 – 6 square feet) = $16 color / $8 clear
  • 4 oz. bottle one coat on 30 – 40 square feet (or three coats on 10 - 13 square feet) = $30 color / $14 clear
  • 8 oz. bottle one coat on 60 – 80 square feet (or three coats on 20 - 26 square feet) = $48 color / $21 clear
  • 16 oz. bottle one coat on 120 – 160 square feet (or three coats on 40 - 53 square feet) = $70 color / $31 clear

Other factors to consider:

  • Type of material - Real leather often restores in 1-3 coats of color. Vinyl can take an extra coat or two. Don't invest in faux leather until reading this.
  • Condition - Sun-rotted vinyl and worn, absorbent leather will drink up a more product than those in better condition. Use Clear Prep+Finish™ or a glaze (mix of color and Clear) as a primer.
  • Color change - Going from red / dark to pale will require double, perhaps even triple, the volume of color and is discouraged for this reason. Please learn more about color changes.
  • Touch-up - Pieces that are in rougher condition or receive heavy use (dogs, routine disinfectant cleaning) may require touch-up, particularly with color changes. This is easy, and our finishes keep well for years.
  • Custom Colors - 8 oz. is the order minimum; 16 oz. is a better value in light of the matching fee.
Project / ObjectQty for Touching Up Similar Color (usually 1-3 coats)Qty for Color Change (varies, typically 2-8 coats)
Dining Chair2 oz.2 - 4 oz.
Club Chair2 - 4 oz.4 - 8 oz.
Recliner Chair2 - 8 oz.8 oz.
2 Seat Loveseat4 - 8 oz.8 - 16 oz.
3 Seat Sofa4 - 8 oz.16 oz.
5-7 Seat Sectional8 - 16 oz.16 oz. - 24 oz.
Sofa & Loveseat8 - 16 oz.16 oz. - 24 oz.
Sofa, Loveseat & Chair8 - 24 oz.32 oz.
Spa Cover (like new)8 oz. Clear + 8 oz. Color8 oz. Clear + 16 oz. Color
Spa Cover (weathered)16 oz. Clear + 8 oz. Color16 oz. Clear + 16 oz. Color
Auto Interior2 - 8 oz.Not recommended
Boat Interior4 oz - 16 oz.Not recommended

Reader Interactions


  1. Amber Lewis says

    I have a 2 seat loveseat & 2 recliner/rockers that I want to restore & match. Therefore they will be changing colors. About how much product will that require?

  2. Bev says

    Hi, I have a two seat thin leather couch that is peeling from constant use. Can this be repaired? There are 2 3 ” patches plus lesser spots. What would I need to repair it?

    • lesandre says

      Real leather does not peel. If the grain is intact, and it’s just a paint / finish on the surface that’s peeling, then it can be sanded or stripped and refinished. But if a woven fabric or microsuede are exposed, it’s likely polyurethane or bonded leather and a losing battle. Here’s how you’d repair it, and why we don’t suggest investing too much in it, as well as affordable ways to replace it with better quality real leather.

  3. Aly says

    I have a couch and chair that both have minor cat scratching along the top and sometimes on the bottom corners. Do I need to completely dye the whole pice or can I spot-use this product? Considering I would order a similar color to the existing couch/chair

  4. Tracy Gilcrist says

    I have a hot tub cover that is cracking from the sun. I am happy with the color and there are not any holes in the cover. Can I just put clear coat on it, or do I need to add color?

  5. Cindi says

    Hi! I have a finished leather sectional with pretty good scratches from our many furry friends ( dogs cats and even bunnies). It’s approx 200 square foot of couch- Will your product work for us? I can send pics but it’s your typical run and jump animal nail scratches- if you think it’ll work, can you tell me which products I need and how much of it I need to purchase? Many thanks!

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