Will Rub ‘n Restore® require touch-up or maintenance?

Rub ‘n Restore® colors are water-based finishes and will gradually wear the same way the original leather and vinyl did. Simply reapply. You do not need to strip the color and go through the whole process again. Just ensure the area is free of oil and dirt, dab on more color and any clear finish, as needed, and allow to dry. This video demonstrates.

Video contents:

  • 0:13 – Example of wear on a sofa that was color changed
  • 0:28 – Touch-up
  • 0:51 – Drying

Touch-up is more routine with dramatic color changes, especially those frequently exposed to rough kids, critters, and chemicals (like restaurant seating or boat upholstery).

The more complicated the initial restoration (multiple colors, for example), the more complicated your touch-up may be.

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  1. Hi. Very pleased with painting my favorite brown leather recliner. Three light coats of Paint definitely covered worn spots. Used 1 coat of clear conditioner/sealer. It added some sheen. Should I apply a second or third?


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