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Black Vinyl & Leather Finish

Black is the most versatile color. Use this water-based finish / paint on leather, vinyl, auto interiors, rubber, plastic, even shoes, jackets, or handbags.


Many repair projects also need these items:

Clear Prep+Finish™ Conditioning Sealer


Picture of bottle of Rub n Restore Clear Prep+Finish conditioning sealer

Cleaner for Non-Absorbent Upholstery


Picture of bottle of Flite cleaner and sprayer used to degrease vinyl and non-absorbent leather

Leather Filler & Vinyl Repair Putty


Picture of tubs of leather repair filler putty showing creamy consistency and texture

Vinyl Repair & Leather Filler KIT


Picture of leather filler and vinyl repair putty kit which includes tools and sandpaper

121 reviews for Black Vinyl & Leather Finish

  1. Monica Escobar
    5 out of 5
    September 21, 2023
    Black paint
    Incredible product. It was so easy to apply and my old recliner looks like new again. Thank you.
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Vincent Grant
    5 out of 5
    August 2, 2023
    Vintage auto repair
    I have an 83' Porsche 911 that had some wear on the driver's armrest. The black vinyl was showing its age so I opted to go out on a limb and try this product rather spend $1000 for a new one. The resuts from black dye from R/R worked above and beyond my expectations. Great instructions that came with the kit and easy to use. Dried within minutes as stated and did not transfer onto clothing or skin when dried. The finish was to the eye, just like it rolled off the showroom floor, when compared to the passenger side.
    Outstanding product!
    dennis andrzejczyk
    5 out of 5
    June 9, 2023
    I like this product. I'm not repairing my car seat, but I can see that I made a good choice with RubnRestore.
    I love the "filler". I find it forgiving. If the look isn't quite right, after it cures, I go back add more filler.
    I would recommend this product.
    (ps) The staff are very helpful.
    Started with a bad look.
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    5 out of 5
    February 18, 2023
    Exceeded Expectations for Ford Restore Project
    1999 Ford Expedition Restore. This project was straight forward. The dye is easy to work with and very forgiving. The finished project turned out great.
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Brewer Shettles
    5 out of 5
    November 11, 2022
    Wonderful People - Amazing Results!!!
    Couch has an amazing new life with the treatment from Rubn'Restore!!! Definitely Worth the effort. Repaired couch 2 years ago then gave it to next door neighbor on the condition if not wanted it would be returned. The before photo is what I got back. The After photo is the brilliant result of Rubn'Restore!! The people at this company really care how we do. Look at the results! Would give Rubn'Restore 10 stars as they shine so bright!!!
    5 out of 5
    September 15, 2022
    This is the second time I have used this product and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. This time we used black over light blue on a large center ottoman. Beautiful results.
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Noel Dickinson
    5 out of 5
    July 22, 2022
    Perfect match for faded area
    Skeptical about trying to match due to unsuccessfully trying with other product, but RubnRestore matched perfect with easy application.
    Before 2/tape test
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    William Mellor
    5 out of 5
    July 18, 2022
    Storm Blue + Black Chesterfield
    I love this product, worked phenomenally and test it with old but white sweat-shorts and there was no rubbing off or anything. Transformed this faded sofa.Used Storm Blue has a base and Storm Blue - Black glaze over the top.
    Alexa Tipton
    5 out of 5
    June 3, 2022
    Can't say enough how impressed I am
    Absolutely love this product. Extremely easy to use, works amazingly well.

    FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY. I got the personal consult with my pieces before starting and very carefully read through all instructions. I see that several of the bad reviews essentially had poor outcomes that could've been avoided by just following directions. Don't try shortcuts.

    Absolutely love my new black couches. I wish I had something else to dye just for the pleasure of using this product again. Thank you SO much!
    xavier J.
    3 out of 5
    April 8, 2022
    The product will come off with water because it is water based, just be aware of that. if you buy this one, you most likely will need a clear coat to prevent it from coming off as much. The customer service of this company is impressive, I was outraged because the paint ruined a shirt of mine when the paint came off from the couch, I was not expecting this after leaving the couch drying for about a week.
    after communicating with customer service about the incident, they assisted me without hesitation and help me deal with the issue.
    March 15, 2022
    Color will transfer to a wet rag if the color has not yet cured. See here about cure time. Poor adhesion to the material could indicate a couple things: 1) faux or bonded leather, which resist all finishes, including their own, or 2) oil-based or silicone-based conditioning residue or a waxed finish that require more aggressive deglazing. We responded to your email with some questions to help us troubleshoot and get a better result. See here about our guarantee.
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Christopher Campbell
    5 out of 5
    February 13, 2022
    Beyond my highest expectations
    One of my most satisfying home improvement projects. My wife thought I could now repair the couch, but she was extremely impressed. The color and texture are a perfect match.
    Thomas William Schlotter
    5 out of 5
    December 24, 2021
    Five Star
    Great product, great people. I've been using RnR on different pieces of furniture for many years now, always works great. Their advice and know-how is much appreciated!
    Leather steering wheel refinished with Rub n Restore Black leather dye
    5 out of 5
    November 18, 2021
    Hey Guys, just wanted to say my steering wheel turned out great. Thanks!
    Melanie DaGraca
    5 out of 5
    November 10, 2021
    absolutely overjoyed
    My husband bought me a very expensive soft leather coat 25 years ago one of my children decided it needed a spongebob sticker on it . When I peeled the sticker off it took some of the finish with it leaving a bluish area. Because it was a gift I kept it all this time hanging in my closet. The discoloration bothered me so much I never wore it. I tried many things to fix it but alas finally its perfectly fixed. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Jose m Quiroz
    4 out of 5
    November 8, 2021
    That looks good in the pictures so I want to produce
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    Shawn Daughtry
    5 out of 5
    October 17, 2021
    Love it!
    I love love love this product.
    Black Vinyl & Leather Finish photo review
    5 out of 5
    October 13, 2021
    Absolutely love this product. Sofa and loveseat look brand new again…highly recommend this product!
    5 out of 5
    October 11, 2021
    Worked very well. Changed a color from light blue to black.
    John Eades
    5 out of 5
    October 7, 2021
    Rub n Restore Leather Dye
    I was very pleased with the ease of use on recoloring a leather chair and the results exceeded my expectations.
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