Black Leather Dye for Auto Interiors & Exteriors If it's leather, vinyl, even plastic or rubber,
Rub 'n Restore® can revive it.

Touch up or restore your black auto upholstery and trim.

Save money & get professional results.

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Our black auto leather dye is universal for cars and trucks, interiors and exteriors.

Order a swatch to see the exact color. 

Black leather steering wheel restoration
Picture of worn leather gear shift before and after black Rub n Restore leather finish
Toyota truck plastic bedliner refinished with Black Rub n Restore
Restoring a car speaker housing

Our shop has many more colors. Stone conforms to GM Stone Grey interiors.

Or send a sample and match a color for a fee.

Conditions & sunscreens

Won't fade, crack, peel or stain clothing

Apply with a sponge or spray gun

See what others have done:

Charles G

classic jaquar interior restored

“This stuff is FANTASTIC! Better than the super expensive stuff I've bought from the UK for working on my vintage British cars. Thanks...”

Billy P

A chevy silverado interior upholstery repaired and restored. Before and after photo.

“... I think it turned out great! I used your custom dye (1997 Chevy Suburban C 1500 Taupe) and finished with a 1:1 mixture of dye and Clear Prep and Finish Conditioner for a satin finish. The leather filler compound did a good job of filling large defects and cracks. I am very pleased with the result.”

Randy M

Car dash re-colored

“I bought a 2018 iM Toyota Corolla. The designers thought the black dashboard would look snazzy with a white lightening bolt. I did not. The upholsterer wanted $430 to take the dash apart and wrap the offending white bolt with black vinyl and put it back together. I said, "No, thanks" and found Rub 'n' Restore. I couldn't be happier with the result. I took it back to the dealership to show them how the iM could look with a little touch up. Next week, I'm going to show the upholsterer, too!”


Before and after photo of recolored and restored car seats

“The before picture was after I spent $300 on an interior car detail. Not clean.  Your product was just what was needed to freshen my seats up!  I made a mistake and bought the car at night. I wasn’t able to get a good look at the interior. I swear an old mechanic drove it. The grease was everywhere. It’s been quite a deep-spring-cleaning project. Did the whole interior. Mitsubishi Montero.”

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