Does Rub ‘n Restore® work on plastic?

Yes, Rub ‘n Restore® leather and vinyl paint finishes are great for plastics too. A primer like Bulldog® or SEM® Plastic Adhesion Promoter, which can be found at an automotive paint supply, are recommended. Older, desiccated (dried out), porous plastics may not need a primer, but be sure to clean the surface with alcohol and perform the tape test.

This video demonstrates our black finish on a car’s bumper (among other things).

Video Contents:

  • 0:14 – Sculpting your sponge for ease of use
  • 0:44 – Refinishing a plastic bumper on a Honda CRV
  • 1:08 – Drying
  • 1:21 – Second coat of color; discussion of plastic primers (adhesion promoters) and rubber
  • 2:03 – More drying
  • 2:09 – Final coat on bumper
  • 2:41 – Restoring beloved Dansko clogs
  • 3:45 – Being silly with a paintbrush and a purse

We’ve used Rub ‘n Restore® on bedliners, exterior automotive plastics, and hot tub siding and spa surrounds with excellent results and long-term wear.

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    • Our finishes will last years if the surface is properly cleaned and prepped. Color changes will need touch-up sooner than restoring to original, as will exterior components exposed to the elements. $47.95 for 8 oz. $69.95 for 16 oz. in our secure catalog.


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