How to repair a cracked dash in a car?

A cracked dashboard indicates a structural issue beyond the abilities of a standard leather or vinyl filler. Most dashes are made of either rigid plastic or vinyl laminated to a thick foam pad. Neither can be sub-patched. A flexible epoxy is the best solution.

Use SEM Problem Plastic Repair Material and this process:

  1. Trim / shave away any lifting edges.
  2. Fill the crack a little high with the epoxy and smooth with a card.
  3. Allow to cure for an hour.
  4. Sand evenly with 220 grit wet-or-dry.
  5. Repeat until a level surface is achieved.
  6. Polish with 500 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper.
  7. Texturize. This epoxy does not emboss well in its uncured state, and sanding may remove your efforts. The easiest is to apply a spray grain. Tiny dots of super glue, patted and dispersed with a paper towel, catalyzed with baking soda, and then sanded can also impart texture as demonstrated here. Follow with the spray grain for best results.
  8. Let each coat of spray grain dry for at least 10 minutes before applying another. Thin coats are better. Gently polish with 500 grit.
  9. Apply color.

Rub ‘n Restore® colors dry with a low luster finish on their own, which is recommended for broad, glaring surfaces like a dashboard. Our colors do not need to be sealed.

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  1. Date: 11-18-2021 (Thursday)
    Looking for a way to fix a recent Crack my Dashboard – 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII (Black/Black) Need some type of filler (Black if possible) – Have been very careful NOT TO LEAN ON THIS DASHBOARD – Had Oil Changed and the person supported his weight on the dashboard –

    I have leaned over the years to not putting your (or anybody else) hand on my Dashboard and Cracking it after I have had this car for 21 plus years with NO DAMAGE to Dashboard or other interior parts – Have learned from past experience Not to put weight on any dashboard – Any help will be appreciated

    Thank you – Have a great Day/Week and stay Healthy
    Roy S.


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