How do I clean leather or vinyl after using Rub ‘n Restore® products?

Cleaning vinyl or leather after a restoration or recoloring is best done with a rag dampened with water. If you must use a cleaner, choose a mild soap, diluted with water. Spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth, rather than directly on the surface, and use only where needed.

Leather wipes, soaps and other chemicals will gradually degrade the finish and necessitate touch-up, so be conservative in your cleaning.

Your leather does not need conditioning after Rub ‘n Restore®, and conditioners may also degrade the finish. Find more info on vinyl & leather maintenance here.

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  1. I recently finished a chair. The color comes off when I whip it with a wet cloth.
    Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to seal the color so it does not come off on wet clothes, clothes, etc?

    • Hi Michael, please clarify. Is the color completely coming off the chair? Or is there some color transference to a rag or paper towel.

      The latter can be observed even with latex paint on your walls and isn’t really a concern, as you don’t want to be sitting on leather furniture in wet clothing (and dark brown boat vinyl is exceedingly rare). Buffing the surface with a dry rag to remove any unstable pigment and more cure time may correct it. Applying a clear finish (whether a glaze or special order Satin Sealer)

      The former would indicate inadequate cleaning or a waxed finish that is repelling the color. We can be of more help if you email photos with more information about the problem and what you used to clean to


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