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Do I need to condition leather after using Rub ‘n Restore®?

No, in fact, other leather wipes or conditioning products (often silicone or oil-based) may damage the new finish.

Rub ‘n Restore® products protect from UV damage, spills and stains. Our colors will not fade, and preserve the condition of your leather or vinyl upholstery.

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  1. Starlyn Hinkle says

    I’m only using product on the faded parts. I’ve always been told that leather needed to be “oiled” to prevent cracking, so just a moist cloth with. Water is all I need to do?

    • lesandre says

      Leather does desiccate (dry out) over time. Some oils can actually alter the pH and eventually degrade the fiber. Our finishes protect and minimize desiccation, so it’s best to recondition with these rather than other conditioners.

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