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Professional Assessment & Instructions for Your Leather or Vinyl Project

(46 customer reviews & photos)


Complete and purchase the questionnaire below. Lesandre (founder and CEO) will review the information and reply with a tailored solution same day or next business day.

Your evaluation includes instructions and links to videos that will help you:

  • clean and perform any repairs;
  • match or choose a color;
  • recolor and refinish;
  • care for and maintain your piece.

Evaluations are non-refundable, but your report will contain a coupon code to get your $15 back on any purchase of product. Please do not order any color swatches or products until we have completed your evaluation. 

Click here to see an example of an evaluation.

To make this service work, please:

  1. Provide as much info as possible. Detailed submissions get better recommendations.
  2. Submit clear photos. Take close-up photos of any damage AND at least one photo from 5’ - 8’ feet distance in natural daylight (this gives a better rendering of color).
  3. Add to your contacts so it will not go to spam. 
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46 reviews for Project Evaluation

  1. Mike
    January 15, 2022
    Don't waste your money on their "Professional Assessment"
    I can't speak to the product, just the customer service, which is severely lacking. Don't waste your money on their $15 "professional assessment." The...More
    I can't speak to the product, just the customer service, which is severely lacking. Don't waste your money on their $15 "professional assessment." They may or may not give you the proper information and will copy and paste a bunch of other info about the DIY. Every other company out there that I found does all of this for free, most list this info on their websites.

    I spoke with Lesandre. She compared my sofa to my coffee table mistaking it for my ottoman. I left the ottoman out of the 1st pic so there was no confusion of what I wanted to dye (I clearly stated that I wanted to dye the sofa to match my ottoman, not dye my ottoman). She recommended dying the ottoman (my coffee table) and repairing the sofa due to the color being a taupe/off white and lighter than my sofa. When I responded to her that I was confused by her assessment and explained she should look at the close up pic that I took showing my ottoman (which is dark grey) side by side with my sofa (which is lighter, greenish and stained), she again compared my sofa to my taupe coffee table and didn't seem to read my response at all. I asked for my money back explaining that professionals that I had at my house differed from her recommendations and that I highly disagreed with her assessment. This was when she discovered what I was asking, but instead of apologizing, I was told that my submission was unclear even after I clarified. Here is a direct quote:

    "Clear photos and information yield a better result. I can't chase people down for more info in order to then do the work."

    So she can charge $15, but it's not her job to clarify what the customer wants? She thinks this is good customer service. Being in customer service almost my whole life, I know the customer is always right even when they are wrong. I submitted the same info/pics to 3 companies and the initial info was clear to the other 2, but I will take the blame for the initial confusion. Once I clarified things and was talked down to for asking for my money back (legitimate ask when info given is incorrect), I no longer believe in giving money to that company. I wish you luck if you choose to use this company. They are not the only company around to offer this, I personally recommend looking elsewhere.
    Reply from lesandre:
    This evaluation service was launched in July 2019, after three months of engineering. Every word was written by Lesandre (founder and CEO with decades of professional experience in the leather and vinyl repair industry). Significant time has been made to improve the evaluation since, including elimination of projects that are not candidates for repair or restoration. To date, Lesandre has uniquely assessed over 4,075 projects—the first 3,400 of which were a free service. The evaluations have been met with otherwise rave reviews by those paying customers.

    Mike's submission contained only two photos—when up to six can be submitted. A picture of the whole ottoman, as the evaluation requests, was not included; only the couch was shown in its entirety with a portion of the neighboring coffee table. The only other photo compared a portion of a couch cushion to a portion of the ottoman. Lesandre mistook it for the left and middle couch cushions, because the style of upholstery, piping, and colors did not look all that different, and yet Mike said he wanted to change the color of the couch to conform to the ottoman. This is how Lesandre mistook the solid beige coffee table for the ottoman and thought a more dramatic color change was desired.

    Lesandre asked for clarification in the evaluation and the subsequent email exchange. She suggested the confusion would be remedied by mailing a swatch of the ottoman (which was also necessary for color matching, as requested). Mike could have replied with more photos and clarification. Instead he elected to quit the process and demanded a refund.

    Mike still received accurate, comprehensive information about the leather, cleaning it, the differences between dyes and finishes, application techniques, and care, which can serve him with other DIY products or vetting professionals.

    Free hand-made swatches of our Stone and Taupe, which could be candidates for the ottoman color, had also been mailed.

    We suggest folks avoid purchasing services they don’t want. We regret that our company is not a good fit for Mike’s project and with him the best of luck with it. 
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