How to dye or paint restaurant or hotel seating and booths?

Restaurant booths and hotel seating are typically made of vinyl, which cannot be dyed but can be refinished or painted.

Do consider the following:

  • Acrylic finishes (like Rub ‘n Restore®) look and feel more natural than urethane finishes, but they can be less durable. Constant chemical cleaning or disinfecting may degrade an acrylic finish more quickly, particularly with a change of color. Dry cloths dampened with water are going to minimize maintenance but may not satisfy health and safety regulations. That said, many urethanes eventually develop hairline cracks and peel or flake and require aggressive stripping before the color can be restored. Rub ‘n Restore® acrylic finishes do not peel or flake and are more easily touched-up.
  • A special order acrylic-urethane sealer can improve durability.
  • Vinyl (used in most restaurant settings) can be a little fussier than real leather, requiring an extra coat or two of color and a little extra finesse to avoid sponge marks and streaks. Big projects may benefit from spray application.

Many hotels and restaurants have used Rub ‘n Restore® with success.

I want to thank you again for solving the biggest issue I had with the interior in our new restaurant. You really were my savior on this and I can’t thank you enough! The booths V’s had been stark white and you matched them perfectly to the ivory we needed.” – Dennis, The Harlem Shake, NYC

We are refurbishing a large hotel/convention center, and we have several upper-end leather sofas and loveseats that are in good shape except for the surface of the leather. We just experimented using walnut on a loveseat that had worn leather and a few stains. One of our employees followed the simple instructions on the pamphlet you provided, and the transformation is nothing short of amazing. Only one coat was required to completely change the surface from worn, faded green to a beautiful walnut color with no flaws showing. This product will allow us to keep this beautiful furniture out of the landfill, and will also save us thousands of dollars. By the way, the bid we received for a professional to restain the loveseat was $500.00. We used perhaps $50.00 in Flite cleaner and Walnut Rub n Restore to complete our project. A ten fold savings.” – Anonymous

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