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Can I restore or recolor boat upholstery?

Rub ‘n Restore® is an anti-UV coating that conditions, recolors and protects marine vinyl and boat upholstery. Think of it like pigmented Aerospace 303® on steroids. It’s easily applied with a sponge and can conceal mold, mildew, leaf and chemical stains. This video review from a customer demonstrates:

Please read more about pre-treating mildew.

Because Rub ‘n Restore® is a water-based product, applying Clear Prep+Finish™ (or mix of color and Clear to make a glaze) or special order Satin Sealer is recommended as a topcoat. Allow the finish to cure before exposure to water or wet towels, bathing suits, bodies, etc. If prematurely exposed to water, the worst that will happen is a slight spot or discoloration of the area. It may disappear as it dries. If it doesn’t, simply touch-up that spot and allow sufficient time to cure.

Marine vinyls may need to be touched up more often because of their frequent interaction with water and chemicals found in most sunscreens. For this reason, dramatic color changes are discouraged. 

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