Will Rub ‘n Restore® colors get darker with additional coats?

A single coat of Rub ‘n Restore® color may appear thin, especially when changing color. Once coverage has been achieved, usually after two or three coats, the color will not darken any further.

Changing to a pale colors or high-chroma (bright) color like red and yellow will require more coats to get coverage. Learn more and troubleshoot poor coverage issues.

Rub ‘n Restore® is a pigmented finish, not a dye. Dyes will accentuate the natural variations of the leather and continue to darken with additional layers. Pigmented finishes are more like paints. They can color change a surface, much like a painting a wall in your home. Learn more about the differences between dyes and pigmented finishes.

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  1. Hi! I purchased the cognac color. Upon first coat it was the perfect color as shown in the pics. But because I’m covering a cream couch, you could see streaks without doing a second coat. After the the second coat it looks much more brown that cognac. How do I get it to fade back to the cognac color I was trying to achieve?? Side note these are very expensive couches so I’m sad they are the wrong color as I ordered.

    • Screens are misleading which is why we encourage folks to look at customer reviews and order swatches first. In this case, just use a rag dampened with water or alcohol to strip out color from some areas. If you apply more, dab or stipple, work with an additional damp sponge, and experiment with a mottling technique to allow the original color to influence the Cognac without the streaks. Alternatively, you can lighten the Cognac with another color, but this will void any return or exchange.

  2. The back of my non absorbent leather couch is badly faded. The rest of it is in good condition. It is currently burgundy and I’d like to change the color to brown. Should I just use the expresso color alone on the whole couch or does the faded back area need a different treatment?


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