The leather color is not getting coverage after several layers.

Pale, white or off-white colors as well and some Custom Colors (hot racing yellow, for example) have poorer coverage coverage than medium or darker colors. Take our discontinued Persimmon. It was made of mostly hot yellow and a little bright red pigment, which required multiple coats to cover black leather where other colors like Cognac or Rust would cover in just one or two.

In these cases, a grey or greige color like Stone or Clay can be used as a primer to hide the darker color and give more intensity to the new color. Choose a primer color similar in value (lightness vs. darkness) as the new color being applied.

Try dabbing or stippling the color also, which will lay the color on a little more thickly than back-and-forth swiping.

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  1. Great advice ! I had similar problem with dark red Leather sofa re-colouring to bright orange.It took me 27 coats , after which I discovered I could order a more highly pigmented colourant to blitz the existing dark red tinge.This can be soul destroying if you just keep plodding on, so listen to Run N Restore’s advice to make your project run much smoother.

    • Hello, so after 27 coats of color, we’re you able to completely change the color?? And how long this change went, like is it still good? Not showing any cracks ??


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