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Can I recolor a small area and avoid refinishing the whole piece?

Yes, with a close-matching color, you can touch up and correct discoloration, stains and conceal repairs on leather or vinyl upholstery.

Without a matching color, however, you will have blend surrounding areas or perhaps refinish the entire piece. This is more money, more labor, and can be more maintenance.

Click here for help matching a color.

Or learn about the best candidates for color changing your vinyl or leather upholstery.

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    • lesandre says

      No color can be effectively matched using a photo, but a shot of the whole piece in natural light can give us an idea. Submit it through the contact page, and we can make a suggestion which swatches to order.

  1. sharon childress says

    I just watched your video and ordered the surface repair “putty”. I would like to know what type of colorant/finish you suggest to finish the repair. Is there a brand I can purchase off the shelf somewhere here in Texas? My couch seat is a dark brown. I have read many bad reviews on items selling on ebay, etc. Don’t want to purchase something that won’t work well. Enjoyed your video – gave me the gumption to think I may be able to do the repair myself!
    Thanks for your help.

    • lesandre says

      Thanks for the kind words! We recommend our own finishes. For one, you need a matching color to avoid recoloring the whole piece. If you find something locally, be sure it is water-based. Any alcohol-based dyes or solvent-based spray finishes will not work over this filler. Balms designed for absorbent leathers are also not going to adhere or cover the filler.

  2. Lisa Pelino says

    I have two separate situations on my leather couch. The first resulted from when I tried to get ceiling paint splatter off a cushion. The color in that spot also came off. The second is scratches from use. ( No pets) if I rub the product on the scratched cushion will the area around the scratches darken?
    I plan on having you match my color with a sample of the leather.
    I can send a picture of the problems if needed.

    • lesandre says

      If the scratches have chafed the leather down to the suede such that the texture is noticeably different, then you should use filler to repair. Otherwise, if you can’t feel the damage a new finish should blend beautifully and will cover the paint spots.

  3. Cary Mrozowski says

    I need to color 4 barstool seats ( diameter of each seat is approximately 20” and the cushion height is approximately 3” [ the sides of the cushions are leather too]). I will be coloring the entire cushions and will be matching, as close as I can, the existing color. How many ounces of dye do I need to purchase?

  4. Tricia Hardzog says

    Everything is great about this company! FAST delivery and easy to use!! I stained faded leather to blend with non faded spots and it looks great! I ordered a few swatches and was able to pick a color just like my couch. I’m so pleased!

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