How to refinish panels of leather or vinyl that contact each other?

Follow these instructions to recolor or refinish panels or other areas of leather or vinyl that contact each other and cannot be removed:

  1. Have wax paper, a hair dryer, your Rub ‘n Restore® and sponge all within reach.
  2. Hold the leather or vinyl panels as far apart as possible with one hand.
  3. With the other hand apply color or glaze to the area.
  4. While still holding the sections apart, use the hair dryer to force-dry the area.
  5. Insert a piece of wax paper in between the panels so they do not touch during the curing process. Leave for a day’s time if not longer.

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  1. I have 2 pieces that are leather on touch surfaces and vinyl on the rest (back and sides). Will this product work to change the colour of both?
    Thank you.

  2. I have two sofas I dyed with your product a year and a half ago. We moved them and now see the old color coming through in areas. How should I apply the dye to those spots? (I’ve sealed with the semi-glossy finish?


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