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Clear Prep+Finish™ dried too shiny.

Clear Prep+Finish™, when applied with a sponge, can dry rather glossy. This is because the sponge applies a thicker film than spraying.

This can be mitigated a number of ways:

  • Use one sponge to apply the clear. Before it begins to dry, go over it with a second damp sponge to thin it out.
  • Work with a glaze (mixture of color and clear). A 1:1 or 2:1 ratio will yield a semi-gloss finish. A 4:1 ratio will get a more subdued satin finish.
  • Or go over the clear completely with more color for a more matte finish.

Dull and satin acrylic-urethane finishes are available upon request.

Video Contents:

  • 0:25 – Optimal sponge moisture level and application
  • 0:57 – Finished result shows how the Clear deepens the color by adding shine
  • 1:15 – Don’t like the Clear finish? Go right over it with more color.

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