Can I use Rub ‘n Restore® on vinyl and leather furniture?

Picture of leather loveseat scratched by dogs and repaired with Rub n Restore

Stains, fading, crazing and minor scuffs on vinyl and leather furniture are all easily corrected with Rub ’n Restore® water-based finishes.

The rule of thumb is if you can feel the damage, it would benefit from repair. Otherwise a new finish, and maybe a gentle sanding with 320 or 500 grit sandpaper, will suffice. We have hundreds of customers who can prove it; see their real photos and reviews!

Click here for repair videos and instructions, information about matching color or changing color, and how to apply.

Beware of peeling bonded leather or worn faux leather fabrics. Click these links to learn about these materials and your options before investing.

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  1. Karen Roden says

    Lesandre, I posted a comment about a non-absorbent leather couch. I would like to purchase a couple of colors, but not sure the exact name of the product that I should be buying. I could see many different colors, but they may be for absorbent leather. Can you point me in the right direction. I’m going for a mottled look and was looking for a dark brown and maroon.

  2. Melinda Joseph says

    Hi, I have a cognac colored leather three cushion sofa,the back cushions are zippered on, and I don’t want to get rid of it. I think it’s 82” long,how many bottles would I need to purchase?, thank you

  3. michelle garcia says

    I have a real leather sofa that was already painted with another product that has held up well but id like to change the color to one they don’t have and your company does, if I were to clean it well and degloss is it possible that your product will adhere if not directly on the leather?

  4. Lauren says

    Hi I have leather chair that I want to paint a smooth brown to match the color scheme of the room. Please let me know which ones I can use

  5. Karen says

    I have a camel coloured leather recliner set. I’d like to cover general wear and figure I may as well have a colour change at the same time. I’m worries about getting into small areas to complete a uniform look. If I don’t manage to find all the areas first go would it be ok to go back and touch up? Also, how much would I need if I’m going a little darker on a 3 and 2 seater recliner set?

  6. Melinda Mcelvaine says

    I have a beautiful Château Dax dark brown leather sofa. The color no longer works with my design so I want to paint it light cream. I have a very, very few scuff marks from moving it in a tight space and if I could repair those fine but if not it still is beautiful. So what is needed to prep, repair, if possible, paint and seal

  7. Debra Vallejo says

    I have a Natuzzi in what I would say is in a dark Mocha or very Dark Brown. It was manufactured and made in Italy. I am not sure of the type of leather that was used and was wondering if you would have an idea. I would like to use the Cognac along with possible another type of brown to get a more rich vibrant color possibly even the Rust or Tobacco color. The arm rest is worn, but not to the point where is it destroyed just the top sheen layer that was used and so are the seating areas which if cleaned feels gunky. Is the color I am looking to achieve feasible and if so what colors do you recommend and what is needed for my project if it is possible. I tried to upload some photos but could not upload in the comments section. TY for your help.

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