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Will Rub ‘n Restore® change the texture or feel of leather or vinyl?

Red and tan Rub ‘n Restore® colors applied to bright blue leather do not affect the appearance or feel of the original hide’s grain.

Rub ‘n Restore® does not alter the grain, texture or feel of leather or vinyl unless heavily applied in many, many layers during a single restoration. Our formula is very thin but pigment-rich acrylic resin that can conceal stains or even change color in a few coats.

Three to five thin layers are typically adequate unless you’re doing a radical color change from dark to light. Fifteen or more layers will begin to obscure the grain and have more of a plasticky feel.

However, because Rub ‘n Restore® Color will gradually wear and require touch-up later, additional restorations should not alter the surface’s natural grain.

Color can always be stripped with denatured alcohol.



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    • lesandre says

      Great question, Nadi, and thank you. Yes, the leather’s natural smell will revert to its former state. You are applying a chemical finish, so the leather may smell like this initially (click here for info about VOC). Therefore a dramatic color change of the whole piece may have more odor for a longer period than touching up just a few areas with a matching color. All this said, tens of thousands of people have restored their furniture, boat and car interiors with our products and few have ever complained of odor.

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