Will Rub ‘n Restore® change the texture and feel of leather or vinyl?

Red and tan Rub ‘n Restore® colors applied to bright blue leather do not affect the appearance or feel of the original hide’s grain.

Rub ‘n Restore® finishes do not alter the grain, texture and feel of leather or vinyl.

The only exception is if it is applied to materials with a nap like raw suede or faux leather fabric worn through to the microfiber. Many customers have used Rub ‘n Restore® on nubuck (brushed leather with a subtle nap) with success, but be conservative and cautious. Our finishes may slightly cool the warm, velvety temperature of nubuck and aniline leathers. Learn more about the types of leather here.

Two to four thin layers of color are usually plenty, unless you’re doing a dramatic color change from dark to light. Fifteen or more layers will begin to obscure the grain and have more of a painted, acrylic feel.

Color can always be stripped with denatured alcohol.


    • Great question, Nadi, and thank you. Yes, the leather’s natural smell will revert to its former state. You are applying a chemical finish, so the leather may smell like this initially (click here for info about VOC). Therefore a dramatic color change of the whole piece may have more odor for a longer period than touching up just a few areas with a matching color. All this said, tens of thousands of people have restored their furniture, boat and car interiors with our products and few have ever complained of odor.


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