How to prime worn or absorbent leather before restoration?

Aniline, semi-aniline leathers and worn areas are absorbent and prone to staining. When restoring these leathers, a minimalist approach is best. Start with a Clear Prep+Finish™ as a primer to even out the finish. This will deepen color by restoring luster. It will reveal if and where pigmentation is needed to correct sunfading or stains.

This video demonstrates:

  • 0:05 – When to use Clear Prep+Finish as a primer
  • 0:36 – Applying it
  • 0:56 – The result

Paul needed only Clear Prep+Finish™ to restore his semi-aniline leather couch. “Great product, easy update,” he said.

The stains on Brandon’s leather chair, while improved, are not concealed with a clear finish. Pigmentation is needed.

If pigmentation is deemed necessary, begin with a glaze (mixture of color and Clear Prep+Finish™) in order to preserve the marbling. Learn more about glazing here.

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