Where can I buy Rub 'n Restore? Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot or Target?

Rub 'n Restore® leather repair products are not sold at Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot or Target.

Buy Rub 'n Restore® Here

Infographic of 10% coupon code for shopping with Rub n Restore instead of Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot

Canadian and international customers, click here for a coupon to reduce duties and shipping information.

We are a mother-daughter business with decades of experience as professional leather repair artisans and are available directly by phone or email to assist with your project and ensure amazing results. We also offer a consultation service with tailored instructions as well as color matching services. You won't get such expertise from Amazon or Walmart.

 Many folks click on predictive results and ads for:

  • "where can I buy rub n restore"
  • "rub n restore amazon"
  • "rub n restore walmart"
  • "rub n restore home depot"
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These retailers sell spray paints, balms or dyes that aren't suited to most projects and rub off or backstain. These are not Rub 'n Restore® products that receive rave reviews from customers.

In fact, Amazon uses our trademarked brand name in ads to steer traffic to our competitors!

If you purchased one of these competitor products only to be disappointed with their results, we recommend you return it and use coupon code ShopSmallBiz in our online store for 10% off all products.

We regret any confusion these retailers may have caused, and we look forward to helping you restore your leather and vinyl upholstery.

Thank you,

CC, Lesandre & RnR Crew