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Tom demonstrates how Rub 'n Restore® Marine White hides stains from mold, mildew, and pinking; sunscreens and protects the vinyl; and withstands an aquatic environment.

Save money and restore your boat seats and interior yourself!

Learn how to: 

Pre-treat mildew

Kill mold or fungus with alcohol, so it won't grow through a new finish.

Repair cracks, tears or holes

Subpatch any holes. Use a flexible filler putty to repair cracks or tears in vinyl.

Recondition dry or scaly vinyl

Some vinyls do fine with a new finish. Others need a rubberized coating sold elsewhere.

Restore and protect from sun

Apply an anti-UV color with a damp sponge or spray gun.

Conditions & sunscreens

Won't fade, crack, peel or stain clothing

Apply with a sponge or spray gun

Vinyl Boat Seat Restoration Testimonials:

Greg M

Before-after collage of sun-damaged, mildew-stained marine vinyl on boat interior

“Thanks for all of your help!”

J Ferraro

Before-after picture showing stained, discolored boat vinyl seat like new after Marine White Rub n Restore vinyl paint

“... I absolutely LOVE the outcome. I'm going to use it on ALL of our boat cushions.”

Allison U

Vinyl boat seat repair before after photo

“Amazing product!!”

Marine White upholstery paint restorer
will match the color of most white boat vinyl.

Picture of vinyl captain's seat restored with Marine White RubnRestore
Picture of vinyl seats in bow of boat after restoration and protection with Marine Whie Rub n Restore vinyl dye and sunscreen
Picture of ski boat bow and restored off-white vinyl thanks to Rub n Restore Marine White vinyl dye and sunscreen

Rub 'n Restore® Marine white vinyl paint is a water-based finish that conditions, sunscreens and seals vinyl.

It covers stains and will not peel or flake.

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Marine White Leather & Vinyl Protectant


Example of leather chair in Rub n Restore's Marine off-white color with triangular swatch in upper left corner as reference

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Bright White Vinyl & Leather Finish


Example of leather chair in Rub n Restore's pure Bright White color with triangular swatch in upper left corner as reference

Leather Filler & Vinyl Repair Putty


Picture of tubs of leather repair filler putty showing creamy consistency and texture

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