Does Rub ‘n Restore® contain VOCs?

Rub ‘n Restore® Colors are low VOC (6.2%). Clear Prep+Finish™ is considered medium VOC (at 15.6%). Both are safe to use indoors.

These products have a chemical odor in their liquid state. This odor is no worse than anything you’ll find in the laundry detergent aisle at a supermarket and less noxious than painting a room with interior latex.

If you are particularly sensitive or opt to use a spray gun to apply the product, ventilate your work area. A respirator is recommended when spraying any colors containing white pigment (which also contain silica). Click here for MSDS (material safety data sheets) of our products and a layperson’s breakdown of the ingredients.

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  1. Hello- I used this product over a month ago and still notice a chemical like door. I’ve tried to remove some of the stain/polish with alcohol but the oder still lingers.
    The chairs look amazing but the smell keeps me from sitting in them.

    Any suggestions?


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