What is the shelf life of Rub ‘n Restore® products?

Soft Filler has a shorter shelf-life of six months to a year. Refrigeration is recommended to extend shelf-life.

Rub ‘n Restore® Colors and Clear Prep+Finish™ are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase, though we find these products are shelf-stable for many more.

Store these products in a temperate, dark place with other paints and chemicals, away from children. Rubber band your stir stick to the bottle; you’ll need it again!

The pigments will settle to the bottom and form a thick, seemingly impenetrable sludge, but we promise, they will reconstitute (so long as not frozen). Use your stir stick to re-disperse the pigment until smooth and creamy. Colors that have sat a long time may need several minutes of vigorous stirring, which seems like an eternity. Any lumps that don’t disperse should be filtered through a paint strainer to remove any lumps that may not disperse in stirring.


  1. Our leather livingroom furniture is used and abused by our family. We eat, sleep, and play on it. Heck, I even groom our dog while seated on the leather recliner. Would multiple coats of Prep and Finish over our desired stain make our furniture more durable?


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