What is the shelf life of Rub ‘n Restore® products?

Soft Filler has a shorter shelf-life of six months to a year. Refrigeration is recommended to extend shelf-life.

Rub ‘n Restore® Colors and Clear Prep+Finish™ are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase, though we find these products are shelf-stable for many more.

Store these products in a temperate, dark place with other paints and chemicals, away from children. Rubber band your stir stick to the bottle; you’ll need it again!

Separation is normal for all colors. The pigments settle to the bottom and form a thick, seemingly impenetrable sludge. So long as the color has never been frozen or left open to dry out, it should reconstitute. Use your stir stick to re-disperse the pigment until smooth and creamy. This may require several minutes of vigorous stirring, which may feel like an eternity. Any lumps that don’t disperse should be filtered through a paint strainer.

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  1. Our leather livingroom furniture is used and abused by our family. We eat, sleep, and play on it. Heck, I even groom our dog while seated on the leather recliner. Would multiple coats of Prep and Finish over our desired stain make our furniture more durable?


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