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How to remove ink or blue jean dye from leather or vinyl?

Ink and stains from denim or blue jeans are both dyes, which penetrate the vinyl or leather (and any clear finish present) and cannot be cleaned. The ink or dye may fade over time. If not, it can be concealed with Rub ’n Restore® color.

Pre-treat any ink or blue jean stains with denatured or rubbing alcohol, as it may otherwise bleed through the new color coating.



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  1. Julie Vo says

    I have the same issue, I applied the bright white color I purchased from your company, I clean the sofa real well before I applied the bright white but did not cover too well.
    I was wondering if I should prime it first? do you carry any primer?

    • lesandre says

      Bright white gets poorer coverage than darker mineral pigments. A primer won’t help. Just be sure to pre-treat the ink as discussed above, and then dab the color (rather than wiping or stroking back and forth) to get better coverage on the stain in fewer coats, and then blend outwards.

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