Clear Prep+Finish™ made the surface tacky.

Clear Prep+Finish™ may result in a tacky or sticky surface if applied too thickly. This most often occurs with vinyl on boats that already had some sun-damage or plasticizer migration and can be caused by too many coats of Clear (or too thick a coat, which is easy to do when sponging).

Less is always more! A single coat of Clear Prep+Finish™ or, even better, a glaze (mix of color and Clear) as a topcoat is plenty.

The solution:
Buff the surface with a rag dampened with water. Let dry. Apply a glaze or color alone, depending on the desired luster.

If necessary, special order Satin Sealer can be applied.

If the material was sticky prior to color or Clear being applied, this indicates oil saturation, conditioner residue or plasticizer migration that needs pre-treating.

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