How to avoid painting decorative tacks or nails on my leather furniture?

Some folks painstakingly remove and reinstall all the brass tacks from their leather furniture. Alternatively, work in small sections using this method:

  1. ‘Cut in’ each nail using an angled artist’s brush, but work the color into the nooks and crannies between each nail.
  2. Before the color dries, spray a single spritz of water on the nails and then dab with a rag. The water will flush excess color from the nooks and crannies of each nail.
  3. Rub ‘n Restore® doesn’t stick very well to metal. Remove any remaining color from the nails by with rubbing alcohol and q-tips or a rag.
  4. Repeat until the leather upholstery surrounding the tacks or nails is completed.

TIP: Always apply color to the areas with brass nails first, and then move on to nail-free sections.

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