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Can Rub ’n Restore® be used on wood?

Rub ’n Restore® is designed for leather and vinyl, but it works on wood too! We used it for many repairs on both real and artificial wood cabinetry for the RV industry during our tenure as Vinyl Ladies.

One customer, Vicki, used our product on leather furniture. Having no experience with wood stain, she opted to use Rub ‘n Restore® instead and has since refinished her dining table (which is rarely used), an end table, a coffee table, a mirror, and a dresser, and she keeps coming back for more!

Tips for Wood Application

  • Dilute the color with Clear Prep+Finish® or water for a more translucent wash. Otherwise, you may as well use latex paint.
  • An existing finish will prevent our products from penetrating into the wood’s fiber. This also means our color can be easily cleaned off, so seal your work with a clear urethane or acrylic finish.



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